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There's not much to judge when it comes to animation because there's barely any... lip sync is ok, I guess.
The thing you have to work on is your audio. Try to talk from little more far away or use popfilter to avoid blowing on the mic.
Also try to put a little more effort into your animations to make them longer and more entertaining. For now only 2 stars from me for not being utter shit.

StevenToons responds:

Thanks for the tips! :)

Very well made animation, but you could add some english subtitles, because most of NG users don't understand german language.

Very short, but I like the smooth animation and good match with the music :)

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Very good game. Most levels are pretty easy yet fun, but there is some challenge in later ones. I like the simplistic look and calm music that does not annoy you after some time.

Cool game, it has a lot of options and high replayability despite its simplicity. I like the effort put into graphics (a lot of details and animations) + the music is very catchy and fits the atmosphere.
Although I think I found a bug (?) - when you drunk till he dies on the party, his dead body appears in his room. It would be interesting to see the ending when it actually happens on the party.

Raeldor responds:

Thanks for the review, I really apreciate that!

Also The "bug" is not a bug, I simpy didn't thought of that outcome, sorry. (We can just pretend him going very drunk to his room and then dying there :P) Maybe I'll patch it with an extra ending but right now I'm a little busy with other projects.

I know that writing an engine is not an easy thing to do, so one star for effort.

Except for that, this is hardly even a game. You can't win nor lose. I even tried to hit every car except for avoiding them - nothing happened. I left the game to "play" on it's own for few minutes - still nothing happens. Even if there was a possibility to lose, it's easily exploitable - you can just drive on the grass and it doesn't affect you at all.

Lack of sounds and poor graphics don't seem to help there either. It's clearly an unfinished product.

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That's a really good painting. I love the dark atmosphere and use of white, red and black colours only. :)

sascia999 responds:

Why, thank you! :D

I like it, that's pretty good. The way you shaded fur with warm colors looks very nice :)

griguette responds:


I like this painting, it's pretty cute. :)
Although I think it'd be better presented if you cropped the image to remove the unnecessary wood around it.

TheNutellaQueen responds:

Thank you! ^^ You're probably right about the wood, I'm really bad at taking good photos of paintings. >~< Will thing about it in the future ^^

I like creating digital art. And eating bananas. Bananas are tasty.

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